Our Staff

We are privileged to have an amazing staff of professional trainers, performers and interns.   It certainly takes a skilled and dedicated team to care for our amazing horses, and create and present our beautiful show!

 Heidi Herriott is our Head Trainer and Entertainment Director.  She is a third-generation equestrian and entertainer.  Heidi served as the Head Trainer for various equestrian theaters including the Tournament of Kings Show (Excalibur Vegas); Arabian Night Dinner Attraction (Kissimmee, FL); The Dancing Horse Theatre (Lake Geneva, WI) and The Land of Little Horses (Gettysburg, PA).  Some of her career highlights include Animal Planet’s Pet Star, America’s Got Talent, Walt Disney World, Nickelodeon Studios, Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus, Midwest and Hoosier Horse Fairs,  Six Flags Parks, multiple state and county fairs, rodeos, horse shows and more.

She wrote, produced, directed and served as the host for a national television series, “Heidi Herriott’s HorseTrix” which aired from 2012-14 on the RFD network.   

 Cassidy Herriott Koch is our amazing Production Manager and also a feature performer.  Cassidy has been in the entertainment industry and worked with animals her entire life.  She represents four generations of entertainers and equestrians in the United States.  He grandfather, John Herriott, was one of the original trainers in the early days of The Dancing Horses Theatre.  Cassidy actually performs with some of our semi retired horses that John trained.  Cassidy is not only a talented horsewoman, she is also a skilled and beautiful aerialist.  Off stage, Cassidy wears many hats including overseeing our Intern program, show production, community relations, and social media. 


The Dancing Horses Unicorn

Suzette is a longtime, beautiful face visitors to The Dancing Horses will recognize.  She has performed in the show for 12 years, and also manages the gift shop.  She can be found greeting customers in the gift shop and concession stand before and after the show.  Once the lights go down and the show starts, Suzette is an active performer in many acts, most notably as Harley’s trainer in ‘Bad to the Bone’, and also the beautiful fairy on the Unicorn, Celestia.  


Arianna ‘Ari’ is our junior intern.  She is the granddaughter of Darcy, who has been with Dana Montana raising these beautiful horses since the beginning.  Ari began coming in the barn with Darcy, and ended up becoming a valuable member of our staff.