Animal Gardens

Welcome to Animal Gardens Theme Park, our beautiful, 40-acre venue housing 16 species of exotics and over 40 hay-eating animals.

Located between Delavan and Lake Geneva Wis., our scenic park has something for everyone:  Visit animals you can pet, hold and feed. Then, roam or ride our manicured trails which will guide you to several of our exhibits including our Train ride through the Wildlife Exhibit, where you can see animals that are indigenous to Wisconsin as well as some exotics. The Train ride includes a visit to our deer park where you can hand-feed the deer. Don’t forget our interactive petting zoo and our trails that take you past larger exotics and our pond. 

Make plans to visit Animal Gardens between May 28 and Oct. 31 for this experience.

Purchase tickets at the door for any of the packages below. Children under 2 free.
Ages 3 & up – $10.00 General Admission includes the Petting Zoo only.

“Our Zoo Experience Package” $20
Includes: Animal Gardens Petting Zoo, Train Ride Ticket, and Animal Feed Cone 

“Show Experiences” $40.00
Includes: The Dancing Horses, Petting Zoo

“The Ultimate Experience Package” $45.00 (June-October only)
Includes: The Dancing Horses, Animal Gardens Petting Zoo, Backstage Tour, Train Ride, Animal Feed Cone, Pony Ride