Our Horses

Our Horses are the true stars of our show.  They are the heart and soul of The Dancing Horses Theatre.  Their care and wellbeing are the primary consideration.  These beautiful Arabian horses are magnificent to see, and incredibly athletic.  Dana Montana wanted to showcase their beauty and talent, and found the perfect showcase in this charming and unique venue.


Animal Care Statement

Our amazing horses are the true stars of our show!  Their care and well being are the main priority, and to that end, we engage a team of professionals including trainers, veterinary professionals, and farriers to ensure the highest level of care.  The nutrition and mental health are also considered for each animal.  Our property includes 20 acres of pasture to allow for turnout.  While our horses are highly trained, it is also important for them to just be horses, and run and buck and play in the pastures.  Our facility is also designed to accommodate our retirees and ensure their well-being throughout their life.